Day #7 – How true is it?

Hello to day seven! You are doing a PHENOMENAL job moving through these exercises and I hope you are learning some things about yourself as well.
Are you feeling a little down in the dumps after two days of sitting in all of the judgement from others AND yourself?! We won’t sit in those much longer, but again, these things are important to be able to move forward.
So have you ever thought about why exactly you remember all those judgements? Why do you believe those stories that we tell ourselves?
I want you to take that list of judgements of others and the judgements of yourself and set them side by side.

How many of them the same?

Now, how many do you believe are ACTUALLY true?!

Give me cold hard proof for each one of those that you say are true. I want specific examples! And as always, if you want some extra accountability, come join us in The Caregiver Escape Hatch Facebook group and share your examples with the group!