Day #6 – What’s the little voice telling you?

Welcome back! How are you feeling so far? Anything surprise you so far? Any insights that have helped you? You may not feel like you are THRIVING yet…but we will get there, I promise

We are used to experiencing judgement from others…that’s kind of what our society is all about, judging others.

But have you ever considered what judgments you are you putting on yourself? Isn’t that a concept to consider?! Now that you have listed what judgments you have from other people; I want you to do a little self-reflection and get all that judgement out on paper. List off ALL of those judgments that you are dumping on yourself on a daily basis.

And just to get you started, I will give you some of mine: Why am I so tired, people have it so much worse, I should be able to handle this better. I am not a good wife. I am not a good mom. I should be able to work and make a warm, home-cooked meal every night.

You see where I’m going with this?! Now…what’s going through your head???