Day #30 – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

It’s so hard….to say goodbye…

You made it to day 30!!!

I am wrapping my arms around you in a virtual hug right now because I am so proud of you!!! You know why I’m so proud of you? Because I am GRATEFUL that you cared enough about yourself to commit to these 30 days. And I am beyond GRATEFUL that you allowed me to be a part of it.

Gratitude is so difficult to imagine when you are in the depths of all the emotions and judgement of caregiving. But now that you have examined all of those things…gratitude can find a home in your life. Gratitude is really a practice. Just like learning a new sport, or skill for work…some days will be harder than others to be grateful. But just like the things that bring you joy, you can be grateful for the smallest of things and they can reframe your entire day.

So to begin your practice of gratitude… List 3 things that you are grateful for today: If you are not ready to say goodbye, and are interested in expanding this work, remember you don’t have to!

Come on over and join The Caregiver’s Escape Hatch on Facebook, or if you really want to deep dive and want some one on one love and attention, message me to work out those details! I am SO HUMBLED and GRATEFUL that you allowed me to be a part of your journey. Thank you <3