Day #17 – Over Half-Way!

You are over half-way through this 30-day guide. How are you feeling? Are you feeling lighter? Less stressed? More
stressed? Angry?
Any and all of those are totally normal!!! No two people travel this road the same, so go back and visit the first few days
if you need to on judgement and cut yourself some slack!!
We are going to get to some topics that are really hard to talk about…COMMUNICATION!
If I had a million dollars to bet, I would bet every last dollar and then some, that communication with your spouse or
loved one has changed since starting this role as a caregiver. TO BE EXPECTED!! That goes back AGAIN to the judgement
that we can not share our thoughts/feelings with someone who is hurt or scared. It’s REALLY HARD!
But how much is it helping you to keep those feelings and thoughts bundled up inside?
Is it helping you be the best you that you can be?! Again, my fictitious million dollars says probably not.
So if your spouse or loved one is no longer the person that you can talk to about those things, who is filling that void?
Write down 5 names of people you can honestly and openly communicate with.
How often do you talk with them? Whether you are saying 10 times a day or once a week, how do you feel about that
number? If you want it to be more, what is 1 step that you can take TODAY to increase your ability to talk with that