You have sacrificed
You are exhausted – uncertain – overwhelmed

Confident in the Chaos

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Courage to Confidence one step at a time

You get to take care of yourself… while you take care of others.
It’s not an  ‘either, or’.

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Wake up Warrior

You have found your way here. My best guess is that you are have a dream tucked away in your heart but you are not feeling in the right place to make it a reality.

It would be my pleasure to help you SAY YES TO YOURSELF, so you can bring your dream to life. In a 30 minute call we get to connect and learn what’s getting in your way. 
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Warrior Bootcamp

Your Bootcamp experience can lead you out of chaos, confusion or feeling stuck and uninspired so you can access deeper creativity, more money, love, health, success and fun:  a better version of you. 

The Key is finding the courage to say YES to following your joy.
 Come learn how to F.I.G.H.T for that more confident version of you. There’s room for you in the next upcoming bootcamp!
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Warrior Fulfilled

Together, let’s take this time to clear the beliefs and blocks holding you back, heal your story and blend it with grounded structures to achieve the outcome you really want. Reclaim your sense of belonging to yourself, and live a life FULFILLED with purpose and direction.

Learn how to turn courage into confidence through personalized, 1:1 sessions. Feel appreciated and inspired again. Let’s to the next thing and set your goal and get you there, together.

Lindsay offers her clients so much empathy, compassion, and professionalism. Her clear and concise questioning has helped me see things about myself that I really needed to see in order to move forward in many aspects of my life. I will be forever grateful to Lindsay for the role she has played in my life. I highly recommend Lindsay as a very powerful, passionate, and insightful coach. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.


Lindsay approaches coaching in a deeply authentic way. She has a way of finding hidden strengths and talents that were there all along. Her straight-forward and compassionate style moves people towards their goals in ways that feel effortless and sustainable.


Lindsay is an extremely talented coach! I appreciate her professionalism, her authenticity, her willingness to create the space for me to find my own strengths and gifts. She also has the unique ability to relate to her clients and to help them recognize the obstacles that are blocking their success and develop strategies to overcome them.


I am a Lindsay fan! She has provided comprehensive coaching for me over the last year. Her style of coaching is transformative and it has enabled me to not only have shifts in my thinking toward achieving my goals and desires, but to also have the aha moments that have created sustainable results in my life. Lindsay is a powerful coach who has mastered her craft. Much praise for her professional coaching!


She is a good listener and I was very comfortable sharing my feelings with her. I felt that she was never judgmental about what I shared with her. Telling me that there was no right or wrong way to feel about things.


About Me

Lindsay Dunlap

Being a part of your journey is my passion and it fires my heart & soul for coaching. I am filled with joy when I witness you breaking through all of your limiting beliefs that have held you back. If you are interested in a journey to the other side where no matter what you are facing, anything is possible, then let’s talk!

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